Pleasant Hill Baptist Church - Ansonville N.C

A Brief History of the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church of Ansonville, N.C.

The Pleasant Hill Baptist Church of Ansonville, North Carolina was established in the year of our Lord 1870 by the Reverend Frank Richardson, who also served as the first Pastor.

The newly organized congregation met in a brush arbor. Charter members Charles McLendon, Joe McLendon, and Robert Broadway collectively purchased the first two acres of land (a part of the current campus) on January 24th, 1880. Another land purchase occurred on May 29th, 1896 of 4 and six tenths acres was made by Harry Broadway, J.C. Lilly, Henry Lee, Clay Watkins, and Albert Tanner. The third and final land purchase was made by Frank Richardson, Jr., Claude Threadgill, and D.L. McLendon on May 16th, 1944.

Under the pastorate of Rev. Richardson, who often preached from the subject, “The Brotherhood of Man” in those early days, services were held once a month, later changing to twice monthly. He was compensated by the harvest of produce from the gardens of members, as farming was one of the area’s more lucrative occupations. The congregation grew steadily under Rev. Richardson’s leadership, and sometime during the 1920s, Pleasant Hill constructed a modern and convenient sanctuary.

During the pastorate of the Reverend C. L. Chambers, the building was remodeled between 1967 and 1968. Later, a fellowship hall had begun to be constructed, and was completed under the pastorate of the Rev. Clarence M. Huntley. Under Rev. Huntley’s leadership, the addition of an educational building, a baptistery, and the expansion of both the choir loft and Pastor’s Study were completed in 1991. Additional walkways were added to the campus in 1994.

The Reverend Lynn A. Jackson became Pastor in September 2007. Under his leadership, the third Sunday was added in addition to the second and fourth Sunday regular worship times.

Ministers who have served Pleasant Hill as Pastor are:

Reverend Frank Richardson
Reverend Walsh Leak
Reverend Sid Alsobrook
Reverend Richard Allen
Reverend Travis Medley
Reverend Grant Flake
Reverend Robert Alsobrook
Reverend J. P. Sloan
Reverend H. B. Watson
Reverend Robert Funderburk
Reverend W. W. Powe
Reverend C. L. Chambers
Reverend C. M. Huntley
Reverend Lynn A. Jackson
Reverend Melvin Andrew Davis

Currently Bishop Nelson Barringer